2010: The Railway Children
Front Row

Jenny discusses forty years of The Railway Children with John Wilson

BBC Radio 4, 31 Mar 2010
2010: Jenny Agutter
The Film Programme

Jenny discusses The Railway Children and her early film career with Francine Stock

BBC Radio 4, 7 May 2010
2010: Three Short Stories by E Nesbit
Afternoon Reading

Jenny reads three short stories by E Nesbit: - Her Marriage Lines, The Bristol Bowl and Grandsire Triples

BBC Radio 4, 5-7 October 2010
repeated on Radio 4Extra
2011: Summer of '76
Ed Reardon's Week

Jenny as Fiona, an old flame of Ed's. Jenny makes several appearances in the following episodes.

BBC Radio 4, 14 February 2011
repeated on Radio 4Extra
2011: Citroen UXB
Beauty of Britain

Jenny as Sarah

BBC Radio 4, 6 April 2011
repeated on Radio 4Extra
2011: The Bat Man
Afternoon Drama

Jenny as Biddy

BBC Radio 4, 20 April 2011
repeated on Radio 4Extra
2012: Jenny Agutter
Inheritance Tracks

Jenny discusses the tracks that are special for her - including The Times They Are a-Changin' by Bob Dylan

BBC Radio 4, 12 January 2012 downloadable in UK only
2013: The Minister of Chance

The Minister of Chance is a new form of entertainment - a radiophonic drama - made using a combination of film and radio techniques and delivered by podcast. It is the first of its kind.

Jenny as Professor Cantha

Download from audible.co.uk or iTunes
2015: Jenny Agutter
My Essential Classics

Jenny shares insights about her acting career, from The Railway Children to Call the Midwife, and chooses some favourite music including works by Ravel, Brahms and Vaughan Williams.

BBC Radio 3, 13 February 2015 downloadable in UK only
2017: Breaking Free - The Fight Between Carnival and Lent
Words and Music

Jenny Agutter and Peter Wight with readings and music inspired by the 1559 oil painting by Pieter Bruegel The Elder.

BBC Radio 3, 7 May 2017
not currently available
2010: Lise Meitner
Great Lives

Jenny champions the life of Lise Meitner in conversation with Matthew Parrish

BBC Radio 4, 12 Jan 2010
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